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CEC Television

CEC Television

CEC Television produces programming for the local area, but it also streams to the world. Content includes DSU athletics and cultural events, as well as community-oriented programming. Students who are interested in producing their own ideas have the opportunity to work with a faculty adviser and CEC staff to make the idea come to fruition. An emphasis in Broadcasting is currently in the approval stage, but students can take television production courses and have those courses apply to the Media Studies degree. In addition, we offer a Certificate in Media Production, which provides one year of training in television/media production. For Media Studies emphasis requirements, click here. For Media Production Certificate requirements, click here.


Practicum Courses

MDIA 2370R -- Television Production Practicum I

MDIA 3370R -- Television Production Practicum II

Both courses are repeatable for credit. MDIA 3370R counts toward emphasis elective credit toward any of the Media Studies Bachelor's degree emphases. Students in any major and any emphasis are invited to take these courses for credit.


Scholarship Opportunities

Producer positions at CEC Television provide scholarship and tuition reimbursement opportunities for students. Students interested in these positions and in scholarships can find additional information and a link to the application form here.