Faculty & Staff

Display image of Rhiannon Bent

Rhiannon Bent

Assistant professor

Email: bent@dixie.edu
Phone: 435-652-7816
Office: JEN 180

Display image of Dave Harris

Dave Harris

Assistant professor

Email: harrisd@dixie.edu
Phone: 435-632-8245
Office: JEN 182
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Display image of Jennifer Kohler

Jennifer Kohler


Email: kohler@dixie.edu
Phone: 702-630-3859
Office: Jennings 149

Display image of Mark Lavoie

Mark Lavoie

Department Chair

Email: Mark.Lavoie@dixie.edu
Phone: 435-879-4302
Office: JEN 178

Display image of Erin Ortiz

Erin Ortiz

Assistant Professor

Email: Erin.Ortiz@dixie.edu
Phone: 435-879-4268
Office: JEN 176

Display image of Nathan Snow

Nathan Snow

Assistant Professor

Email: Nathan.Snow@dixie.edu
Phone: 435-879-4313
Office: JEN 181

Display image of Eric Young

Eric Young

Professor of Emeritus

Email: young@dixie.edu
Phone: 435-879-4313


Display image of Melissa Anderson

Melissa Anderson

CEC Public Information Producer

Email: Melissa.Anderson@dixie.edu
Phone: 435-879-4325
Office: JEN136

Display image of Lauren Cummings-Golden

Lauren Cummings-Golden

Video/Broadcast Production Coordinator

Email: cummings@dixie.edu
Phone: 435-652-7875
Office: JEN 172

Display image of Shawn Denevan

Shawn Denevan

Director of Radio Dixie 91.3

Email: denevans@dixie.edu
Phone: 435-879-4319
Office: JEN 107

Display image of James Farnsworth

James Farnsworth


Email: jfarnsworth@dixie.edu
Phone: 435-652-7875
Office: JEN 166

Display image of Marcus Farnsworth

Marcus Farnsworth

Executive Producer

Email: Farnsworth@dixie.edu
Phone: 435-652-7637
Office: JEN 172


Display image of Bryan P. Jacobs

Bryan P. Jacobs

Program Academic Advisor

Email: bpjacobs@dixie.edu
Phone: 435-879-4278
Office: JEN 129

Display image of Allie White

Allie White

Academic Advisor

Email: Allie.White@dixie.edu
Phone: 435-652-4279
Office: 122


Display image of Joshua Beale

Joshua Beale

Administrative Assistant

Email: Joshua.Beale@dixie.edu
Phone: 435-879-4313
Office: JEN 174