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Media Studies Department

Degree Requirements & Emphases

The Bachelor of Science in Media Studies degree offers four emphases: Multimedia Journalism, Social Media, Strategic Communication (Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising) and Media Studies (TV/Radio Broadcasting, Media Production, etc.). We also offer an emphasis in Media Studies for Integrated Studies majors as well as a Media Production Certificate. The degree programs focus on new and traditional media forms including multimedia journalism (with broadcast, print, and internet elements), social media (including content production as well as critique), media theory, and analysis/critique of the role of digital media technology in our culture.

You will need 120 total college credits. Specific electives are not required. Work with your advisor to select any elective courses you desire in Media Studies, Communication, or any other discipline. Take no more lower-division electives than necessary. Always give preference to upper-division electives where possible. Be sure to take note of any prerequisites.

B.S. Media Studies Degree Requirements

The following courses are required for all Media Studies majors:

  • COMM 1050 Intro to Communication Theory
  • MDIA 1130 Writing for Media Audiences
  • MDIA 1500 Intro to Mediated Communication
  • MDIA 3060 Media Theory
  • MDIA 3510 Media Ethics
  • MDIA 4260 Media Law
  • COMM 4450 Communication Research
  • COMM 4900R Communication Internship
  • COMM 4980 Senior Seminar (Capstone)

Total Core Requirements: 28 credits

Emphasis Requirements

Each emphasis requires 5 courses.

Total Emphasis Requirements: 15 credits

Media Studies Electives

Complete 3 additional courses from 3000 and 4000 level MDIA offerings

Total Media Studies Elective Requirements: 9 credits

Total Required Credits for Degree: 120


Media Studies Degree Emphases

Check the specific degree requirements for each of our emphases below:

Discontinued : Mass Communication Emphasis

The Communication degree with an emphasis in Mass Communication was discontinued last year. If you have previously declared a major in this emphasis, you have catalog rights to continue with the requirements of this program.