• MDIA 1500 — Passalong Card - This article outlines how to build a small advertisement that can be passed out to people or placed on the counter of a business for people to take. The passalong card is made using Adobe Illustrator. This is a great tutorial for beginners who need to know the basics of using Illustrator.
  • MDIA 1500 — TV Lower Third Graphic - This article explains how to produce the most common graphic in television, the lower third. This graphic is common in news and sports production, but can be used in may other genres. The lower third usually displays the subject's name and title, but it can also display sports statistics, images, and lots of other things.
  • MDIA 1500 — Image Manipulation - This article demonstrates image manipulation with Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is the premiere software for manipulating raster-type images. The article demonstrates a few introductory techniques for improving images for print, web, and broadcast.
  • MDIA 1500 — Configuring WordPress - This article guides students through the process of configuring Wordpress to highlight work and thoughts over the course of their degree program. After completing the steps in this article, students will have a web site with which to blog, post portfolio items, and provide information about themselves.
  • MDIA 1500 — Introduction to Mediated Communication - This course is an introductory course that provides students with the necessary skills to successfully produce media content of various types. Students benefit from the content in this course no matter what their chosen field.
  • Installing Creative Cloud - This article explains how to begin the process of installing Adobe's Creative Cloud software package and associated software titles on a student's computer. Dixie State University offers a course that provides training in many software titles within Creative Cloud, MDIA 1500.