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Dave Harris, Ph.D, conducts an interview.

Media Studies addresses the central role of media in today’s world, including in politics, culture, society, and the arts through four emphasis options within the Bachelor of Science in Media Studies: Multimedia Journalism, Strategic Communication (Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising), Social Media, and Media Studies (Radio and Television Broadcasting, Media Production, etc.); as well as a Media Production Certificate. The program engages students in a wide range of media including television/video, radio/audio, print, and digital media. Students study the history, evolution and the changing state of media, communication technologies, and techniques in media production, together with an understanding of the economic and social effects of media, including legal and ethical issues. Students are prepared for a wide range of careers, including those in journalism, public relations, marketing, advertising, media production, TV and radio, online and social media, and media research.

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